German Bundeswehr Soldier Let Army Buddies Gangbang His Horny Wife


The German Bundeswehr (Federal Defense Force) is a tight bunch, it is an army I hope America will never have to face. Because with bonds like this, they would be unstoppable. Anyway, below is a set of photos taken of four German soldiers gangbanging the shit out of a cock hungry chick. So, I hope this post doesn't get anyone in trouble because that is not the reason this shit is posted on this blog. That being said, this is some wild insane shit even for Germany. Either the chick in the middle of this gangbang is a cheap hooker or the hardest wife to please ever but the more I analyze these pictures the more I think she is the wife of the bald dude. So he is sharing his wife with three of his army buddies while having a ton of pictures taken. And she seem to really enjoying herself with all four guys. There is no doubt not that German babes are the ultimate fucking machines. In other news, I will be moving to German this weekend. Click on pictures to enlarge.

German soldiers know how to get down. BTW, the Gutter Uncensored is looking for the American soldier sex tape with Lynndie England from Iraq to post. If you have it then please forward it to ASAP. Lets show them that Americans can be just as freaky as Germans,
well probably not justas freaky but freaky enough.


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