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This blog is now the 4,261 most popular website in the world. Yup, a 1200 higher move since November and its growing fast. So, your contributions are much appreciated!

The Gutter Uncensored is still the most popular blog on Blogger (Blogspot) and the lead is increasing. You can keep track of this blog's rankings by visiting and see for yourself. You can also click on the Sitemeter link at the bottom of the blog and see the site's traffic details for yourself.

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But more importantly, contributions are needed from any and all readers. Send in celebrity sex tapes, leaked nude pictures, info on sex scandals, gossip, girl on girl party action, embarrassing moments of public figures, exhibitionist activities, university sex scandals or shocking breaking news. is where you should send your best tips!

I do read the comments but please don't try to submit a tip, leaked nude pictures or a celebrity sex video in he comment sections. Use the email, tips via the comments section might be missed. DON'T POST TIPS IN THE COMMENTS.

The new email addresses to submit content to this blog are:


The yahoo address is preferred but use the gmail address if you must.

If you have a tip about a celebrity sex tape, leaked nude pictures or a piece gossip, please send it to Please include the words in the subject line: sex scandal, sex tape, celebrity nude, public sex, rumor, university sex, girl on girl, political leak or breaking news. Mail for the blog should be forwarded to, the words in the subject line will be useful in sorting.
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