Hoang Thuy Linh Sex Tape Scandal Rocked Vietnam, See the Video Download


Hoang Thuy Linh's Sex Tape Kills Her Acting Career

Hoang Thuy Linh is a very famous 19 year-old TV Vanh Anh Diaries star in Vietnam who made a 16 minute sex tape with her 20-year-old ex boyfriend Vu Hoang Viet. Viet was studying overseas, and he says his friends copied the video from his laptop, and posted it on the internet on October 15, 2007. In what most are calling 'the most scandalous thing to happen in Vietnam' in a long time, 19-year-old 'Vang Anh's Diary' star Hoang Thuy Linh and her boyfriend have made a sex tape. Hoang’s TV show has now been cancelled. She gave a 15 minute tearful farewell to her audience saying:

"I made a mistake, a terrible mistake. I apologize to you, my parents, my teachers and my friends."

Hoang, face wet with tears, made a profuse apology on the VTV show in which the series cancellation was announced. Click on pictures to enlarge.

The sex scandal had everyone in Vietnam talking. Vietnamese conservatism (a societal heavy emphasis on pre-marital sex, for instance), coupled with the show's massive and rising popularity among children and young teens are two primary reasons as to the dramatic reaction to the scandal.

Vietnam Television (VTV) has now dropped the TV show, 'Vang Anh's Diary', after a clip from the sex tape hit YouTube.com by an anonymous user.

YouTube removed the clip - but other sites had already gotten their hands on the clip - and it is now being circulated around the internet.

VTV said in a statement: "The show 'Vang Anh's Diary' will stop broadcasting."

"It is the decision of the management of VTV as well as the proposal of Hoang Thuy Linh, the actress for the role of Vang Anh in the show."

Hoang had cultivated a good-girl image as part of her role on Vanh Anh, where she plays the schoolgirl Vanh Anh. The show centers on the lives of Vanh Anh, her friends, and day-to-day life as Vietnamese schoolchildren, BBC News reported. A hugely popular show amongst preteens, my impression is that it could best be described as the Vietnamese equivalent of The Lizzie McGuire Show.


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Unlike Vanessa Hudgens who sent nude pictures to one guy, then another to Zac Efron which made its way onto the Internet, Hoang is being condemned by communist Vietnam, and she will not be forgiven, which means the end of her career, unless she moves to the United States. A visa, however, after this is unlikely. Vanessa just got a $1 million contract with Sketchers. Viet is not expected to suffer much since he has no career as of yet. On Thursday, Hanoi police detained four college students accused of posting the sex clip to the Internet. They could face charges of "spreading depraved cultural items," which carries a sentence of six months to 15 years if convicted.

The 16 minute video makes Kim Kardashian, or even Paris Hilton’s sex tapes, look boring.
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