Hugh Hefner's New Girlfriend Dasha Astafieva is Subtle at Playboys 55th Anniversary Party


Here is Dasha Astafieva. the latest "love interest" of Hugh Hefner and the first non-blonde in years. Dasha Astafieva is (one of) Hugh Hefner's new girlfriend(s), and boy does she want you to know it. Actually, Ukrainian TV host Dasha Astafieva is Hefner's real girlfriend (not those two showcase twin skank girlfriends) and the January 2009 Playmate of the Month, she showed up at Playboy's 55th Anniversary party as the guest of honor basically naked. She doesn't even try to hide the fact that we can totally see her thong though her dress. In fact, the Ukranian-born Playmate is so happy to be with Hef that she celebrated Playboy's birthday by putting on an amazing public show. Of course, like any good attention-seeking Playmate (a.k.a. attention whore), Dasha wore a see-through dress, with only a black thong underneath. But wouldn't you know it, everyone could see her thong! So what's a girl to do? Well, being the quick thinker (and complete attention whore) that she is, Dasha promptly removed her thong... On the fucking red carpet. Giving the folks a great view of all of her assets. Now that's a good classy (skanky) girl. My kinda classy (skanky) girl and the best the guest of honor at a party ever. Click on pictures to enlarge.

What a fucking Eastern European SKANK, I would totally do her!!!


Dasha Astafieva (born August 4, 1985 in Ordzhonikidze, Ukraine) is a model and former Ukrainian TV host. She was selected to be Playboy's January 2009 Playmate of the Month. She is the 55th Anniversary Playmate and Hugh Hefner's newest girlfriend.

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