Sorry For Not Posting Yesterday, Promise to Make it Up

Okay, I have been having problems with Windows so I had to do a fresh installation. I am pissed I did not get to post for so long. But I am going to make up for the lost day with some great celebrity sex tapes I got last week. I have a ton of celebrity sex tapes I have never posted before. Some of them are kinda big so I have been putting off posting them. I want to post one everyday next week. These thing are taking up too much space on my hard drive so I am going to put them up on the Gutter Uncensored very soon.

Keep sending me nude celebrity pictures and sex tapes at I having been getting a ton of mail, some good and some bad but keeping sending the good stuff. Because Assholes are sending me bullshit its taking longer to get to the good stuff. I have saved some emails from like 2 months ago that i still intend to post so those who send it should not feel bad.

People have been requesting an Edison Chen photo album download with all the pictures that were leaked. I want to do it but I have to finish creating some backup blogs just in case. I think I might just have the most complete set of Edison Chen's Hong Kong Nude Celebrities Scandal pictures and I do plan to share it all with you guys in one easy to download file. Someone gave me two great Domain names I guess in sympathy with mu battle with Edison's lawyers, and but I am only using right now. I plan to have a clone blog up soon under the domain name in about 30 days with a working translation tool, probably a forum, and a user generated blog so that you guys can post things yourself. I am looking for a forum service right now, please give me some ideas. tell me whats the best free forum service.

No matter what happens, you guys can always find the blog at, I will keep posting under this domain even if I have to use another blog service. This blog is a Top 5 Blog on Blogger and their blogspot network and I love Blogger but I am kinda pissed that they have deleted many have my post. was the number one blog on Blogger for a few weeks and I want that number one spot again and permanently. Please link to on your blogs and websites, I need more links.
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