Denzel Washington Was Very Early To The Inauguration


Denzel Washington showed up at Obama's inauguration yesterday, and I know you can't tell from the picture below, but he got a pretty good seat. Denzel Washington didn't want to be late for the inauguration from all reports, he was three hours early, and was a perfect gentleman to others in the area, making small talk and posing for pictures. Click on pictures to enlarge.

In an amazing show of being an early riser, Denzel Washington took his seat before the crowds started pouring in yesterday. Denzel wore a blue knit hat and black jacket, he chatted with a lot of people, shaking hands and getting his picture taken. I thought he was a day late and the security guards probably didn’t have the heart to tell him it was January 21. I can just imagine the conversation between the two guards in that scenario: "You tell him" and the other would reply "Hell no, you do it." "No, he is gong to freak out." It would go on for hours.

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