Obamas Juggle Inaugural Balls Headline is Just The Start

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Apparently, there were balls involved, and the Obamas were juggling them. I doubt this is the first time anything freaky has gone down in the White House, but maybe the first time it was posted on CNN. But, it is not as weird as it sounds. Pres. Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama spend the evening on January 20th dancing at inaugural balls. CNN put up and quickly pull down the headline below about the Obamas juggling balls. Now "The Love Doctor" on Fox News is talking about Obama and Michelle’s love life and discussing their fisting technique. In a couple of weeks, there’s no doubt going to be an article about the Obamas tossing their first salad in the White House kitchen. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Here is the Love Doctor clip:

This is only day two!

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