Sen. John McCain Will Go Down As America's Greatest Footnoted Loser


John McCain must have had a blast watching the events of yesterday. He better hope history forget him because he will be known as that white dude that lost to the first "black" president, a footnote. The last thing a man who seek the White House want is to be is a footnote. In other McCain news, John McCain's wife Cindy was set to be on the next season of Dancing with the Stars until Mr. Party Pooper had to go and ruin everything. The New York Post reports:
Our impeccably placed source says, "Just before Thanksgiving, Cindy McCain started talks with producers to appear as a dancer onthe show. She wanted to do it very badly." But this week, Sen. McCain "put the kibosh on it." Reps for the show and McCain didn't return calls.

A spokesperson for TV channel ABC, which broadcasts the show, said they would "not comment on casting rumors." But can you really blame John for not letting his wife on the show? She could have probably done something alien to Sen. McCain and actually win. In these pictures below, McCain is not crying. He has something in his eye, I am guessing Obama put it there. LOL... Click on pictures to enlarge.

Dude let your wife do
Dancing with the Stars if she want to do so. It is just a stupid television show and its not like you are the President. From War Hero to the Greatest Loser!

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